What is my style?

My style is cinematically moody. You can see in my work that I like to edit my pictures on the darker side, while also giving more action shots (people not looking at the camera for candid shots, dancing pictures, etc). I also prefer to shoot waist up and only do a few far away shots here and there. If you booked, this is how your pictures would look.

Do you travel for weddings and events?

Yes I do! Even though I'm based in Rochester, an hour and a half of travel time is covered and free of charge for traveling. Anything more than an hour and a half is $100 extra for traveling costs.

Do you offer destination weddings?

Yes I do! Check out my wedding page for more information on the deal I have going on for my destination wedding clients!

What is considered your start and end time?

Your booking starts when I get to the wedding and ends when I say my goodbyes to you and your significant other

Do you send the RAW images?

NO! I never ever send the raw images! RAW images are too big to send clients, but unedited pictures don't represent my brand and my editing style.

What if my venue has no lighting and is super dark?

If your venue has no lighting and is super dark, do NOT expect your pictures to look bright and airy. I have lighting equipment to help, but that doesn't mean that your pictures will be super bright... you should expect some darkness in these pictures because of the venue you chose.

Can I have a discount?

I love to give student and veteran discounts, but you cannot expect a free session or event! My prices are firm and I don't give discounts just because, as I have clients paying full price for wedding packages and portrait sessions.

What payment methods are accepted?

I always prefer cash or payments through my website, but I also accept card (I can swipe or tap it), Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay (on website), and PayPal (on website). ***I NEVER ACCEPT CHECKS OR MONEY TRANSFERS***

Do you work with a second photographer(s) and videographer(s)?

Yes! I have a list of preferred second photographers and videographers for clients to look over and choose from! This list will only be available when you sign your contract and send your deposit.

What if I'm booking way in advance and am unsure of my exact wedding date?

If you're unsure of your wedding date, but still want to book, I can alter the contract to fit your exact wedding date in the future. I can also alter the contract to a different venue if you end up changing your wedding details.

How can I book you?

Feel free to send a form in to email me! I also answer through instagram and Facebook messenger!